NOW, 300 lucky fast-action-takers can get FULL Private Label Rights to my *BRAND NEW*,  "Expert SEO & Backlinking" eCourse and Sales Funnel PLR Package, that comes with all the extra content, material, reports, sales pages, promo tools and website items to set this up as a complete sales funnel that you can profit from almost INSTANTLY.

Bertus Engelbrecht

Dear Fellow internet marketer,

PLEASE, don't just skim over this page, thinking I am only offering a PLR product.

What I am offering you TODAY, is worth MUCH more to you and your business, so read the following carefully and I will show you how you can start profiting with your own sales funnel series of products...

Having your own product that you can sell for 100% profits is arguably one of the best ways to build an internet business

Unfortunately, just selling a single product is not enough these days...

To MAXIMIZE the earnings from your traffic, you need a complete sales funnel, or marketing funnel. 

For maximum profits, you need a sales funnel like this:

1.  Offer an incentive (free offer) on a squeeze page, to get people to opt in to your list.

2.  As a One Time Offer, offer them a low cost offer that is related to your freebie. [$9.95]

3.  Promote the main, more valuable offer (related to your freebie) to your list with follow up emails.  [$27]

4. When customer buys the product, present them with an additional upsell that is also related to your initial offer. [$17]

5.  Continue to promote related offers of yours or affiliate offers to your list for more sales. [UNLIMITED $]

This means that if you set up your sales funnel correctly, you can potentially earn A LOT more than simply offering your visitor a single product.

Taking the example above, you can make a total of more than $53.95 per visitor (a lot more if you promote other offers), instead of just $27 selling your main product. 

Can you see how beneficial it is to have a complete sales funnel with a whole series of offers to offer your customer every step of your sales funnel?

You can TRIPPLE your profits through a sales funnel.

The problem is - You have to create a whole series of related products in a specific market, or niche.  You also have to find a niche that is HOT and in-demand.

Don't worry, this is where I come in.

I do a lot of market research and search everywhere to see what the current HOT topics, trends and niches are.

What I came up with, probably doesn't come as a surprise to an internet marketer such as yourself...

SEO and Backlinking eproducts are in HUGE demand and practically selling themselves.

Look at some of the research I did:

Over 550,000 people search for "How do I get backlinks" and related keyword phrases EVERY MONTH!

But how hot and in-demand is this market, really?

The amount of searches for SEO and Backlinks related keywords are GROWING every year and every month!

It's getting more popular by the day!

It is becoming a huge trend!

More and more people are realising how important it is to rank their websites to get more targeted traffic and make bigger profits.

The search for hot info on Seo Strategies, is skyrocketing!

So, what does all of this mean for YOU?

You should start selling your own hot SEO and Backlinking info product IMMEDIATELY and cash in on this craze!

But where are you going to get a complete, high value info product with all the extras you need to setup a proper sales funnel for maximum profits?

I have the solution for you TODAY!

I am offering you the limited opportunity to get full Private Label Rights to my complete "Expert SEO & Backlinking" ecourse that comes with all the extra content you need to set up a high converting sales funnel of your own.

YES, TODAY, you can get an INSTANT Sales Funnel of your own, targeting this HOT market to earn MAXIMUM profits.

You don't have to write a word, because I have created everything for you, so that you can simply slap on your own name and start making 100% profits with your own product.

REMEMBER: You get full Private Label Rights with this whole course, meaning you can:
  • Quickly *slap* your name on it and sell as your own product for 100% profits.
  • Use this Sales Funnel Ready product to BUILD your list and make HUGE profits over and over.
  • Give the short report away to build your list.
  • Promote the main product to your targeted list for MAXIMUM profits.
  • Offer the extras I include as an OTO or upsell of your own.
  • Sell Master Resell Rights or Personal Resell rights.

More ways you can profit with this PLR product:
  • Package it as a HUGE bonus to some of your other paid products.
  • Use as Articles on your blog, article directories or create videos from them.
  • Break it up into email messages have an instant membership site!
  • Create a huge Wordpress content site or membership site about marketing with Facebook.
  • Upload the website to your own domain and FLIP it for quick profits.
  • Edit the source files, sales page or graphics any way you like to make it unique to yourself.
  • And pretty much anything you else want...


"Expert SEO & Backlinking" ebook
(Real Value: $600)

This is a comprehensive ecourse that reveals everything you need to know about SEO and shows you the best techniques and strategies to build high quality backlinks to get your sites to the top of Google page 1.  You can use this powerful ebook as your main front end eproduct, in the sales funnel, to sell for 100% profits.

This course will reveal:

  • What are backlinks?
  • Difference between on-page and off-page SEO
  • The effect of high PR and low PR backlinks on your rankings.
  • Do-follow VS no-follow backlinks
  • Types of backlinks and how to post them easily

You will also discover:
  • Best backlinking techniques to rank your site
  • Most effective ways to build backlinks
  • Top sources for posting backlinks
  • Advanced backlinking tools
  • How to outsource various link building strategies.
  • And much more...

The "Expert SEO & Backlinking" ebook with PLR includes:

  • An ebook of over 54 pages with 7,200+ words of FRESHLY written and original action orientated content on the best backlinking stategies, including a whole lot of pictures, screen shots, diagrams and more.
  • Full source files in .DOC format so that you can edit it any way you like.
  • High quality 3D Ebook cover images, in different sizes, with editable .PSD graphics that you can easily edit and change with Photoshop.
  • Full PLR, meaning you can edit the product any way you like, claim authorship and even sell resell rights and master resell rights to it.

"SEO Made Super Simple"
special report
(Valued at $200)

This is a short report on some of the basics of SEO. It gives an intro to SEO, explains what Search Engine Optimization is, how search engines work, and types of SEO.  It shows the reader exactly what SEO is and how to use it to benefit their business. 

This short PLR report comes with full giveaway rights, meaning you can use this as your FREEBIE, in your new sales funnel, to build your opt-in list.  You can also edit the short report and insert your own links to your main product sales page.

With the "SEO Made Super Simple" special report you get:
  • A BRAND NEW, never before seen, short report of 28 pages and 3,100+ words of hard hitting content on SEO and SEM.
  • Full source files in .DOC format so that you can edit it any way you like.
  • High quality 3D cover images, in different sizes, with editable .PSD graphics that you can easily edit and change with Photoshop.
  • Full UNRESTRICTED PLR, meaning you can edit the product any way you like, claim authorship and even sell resell rights and master resell rights to it.  You can EVEN GIVE THIS REPORT AWAY FOR FREE to build your list.

"Expert SEO & Backlinking" Checklist
(Valued at $30)

To make it even easier for your customer to take action with this course, you also get a printable Checklist that makes sure they get their site ranked.  You can use this PLR checklist as a FREE bonus to make your offer even more valuable.

With the Checklist you get:
  • An easy to print out check list of all the the important steps you have to take to Build Backlinks to your site and get it ranked no. 1 on Google. 
  • Full source files in .DOC format so that you can edit it any way you like.
  • High quality 3D cover images, in different sizes, with editable .PSD graphics that you can easily edit and change with Photoshop.
  • Full PLR, meaning you can edit the product any way you like, claim authorship and even sell resell rights and master resell rights to it.

"SEO Article Pack" with PLR
(Valued at $100)

To add another part to your sales funnel, you also get 10 high quality PLR articles that is written around SEO, SEM and backlinking related topics.  They are all HUGE and consists of over 6,800 words of content.  It's so massive, you can even convert this into a complete ebook

You can offer this whole pack as an OTO or Upsell to your main product, in your sales funnel or use them on article directories or your blog to promote your product.

Remember, you get unrestricted PLR with these articles, so you can pretty much do what you want to do with them.  You can even use them to promote your product.

Here are the titles and word count of all the articles you get:

  • 7 Important Qualities To Look For In An SEO Training Course (529 words)
  • 10 Quick SEO Tips For Wordpress Marketing (697 words)
  • Easy SEO Basics for all Small Businesses (533 words)
  • Is SEO Important To The Success Of Your Online Business  (581 words)
  • SEO And Web Development – What you need to know  (936 words)
  • SEO Copy writing – Your 8 Steps to Success (1139 words)
  • The Three Basic Types Of SEO Services  (720 words)
  • The Worst SEO Backlinking Strategy You Can Have.  (567 words)
  • Using SEO Effectively For Online Marketing (557 words)
  • Using SEO Strategies To Improve Your Site Rankings  (549 words)

With this PLR product, you also get a complete PLR toolkit to resell your products.:


A Professionally designed HTML Minisite With FULL Product Graphics and MORE (PSD's included)
(Valued at $200)

With this beautifully designed Minisite and product graphics YOU get:
  • Full HTML Minisite, with PLR, that is professionally coded and beautifully designed.
  • Full range of product images, including a WHOLE LOT of different 3D covers and images with master flats and PSD's to edit.
  • Beautiful TESTIMONIAL box and SUBSCRIBE box
  • Header, Footer, Background, Order button and bullets, including PSD's so that you can edit it easily with photoshop.
  • Images folder with all the graphics you need for your website and salespage.

And to help you sell this super easily...

High Converting Salespage that is written to sell your product.
(Valued at $500)

With the salespage you also get:
  • Full private label rights, meaning you can edit it and put in your own links or use it as a template.
  • All graphics and images that goes with it.
  • Download page, thank you page and other pages that you need to sell your product.

High Converting Squeeze Page
(Valued at $100)

To get people in your sales funnel, you need to give your freebie away on a Squeeze Page, with an opt-in form, where your visitors enter their contact details in exchange for your freebie.  Included with this PLR offer, you get a full professionally designed squeeze page where you can just insert your opt-in form and you have a ready-made squeeze page to build your list.

With the Squeeze Page you also get:
  • Full private label rights, meaning you can edit it and put in your own opt-in form or use it as a template.
  • All graphics and images that goes with it.

    And to REALLY Stack the value of this PLR offer, you get a complete set of PROMO TOOLS to help you sell your product:

    Autoresponder Follow Up Messages
    (Valued at $50)
    Facebook autoresponder series

    I have written 1 Solo Autoresponder email and 2 Follow up PROMO emails that you can use to promote your MAIN front-end product to your subscriber list or to give to your affiliates.  These emails are all in perfect email format and is written to convert your subscribers into customers for your Expert SEO and Backlinking product.  These are equally great to pre-sell your subscribers and to offer to affiliates to promote your course.

    Promotional Banners
    (Valued at $30)

    As a another FREE bonus you also get a set of 3 professionally designed banners that you can use to promote your product.  These are very well designed and comes with PSD's so that you can edit them, change them or even make more banners.

    But that's NOT ALL!!

    If you order today, I also include the following FREE BONUSES!

    FREE Photoshop eCover Action Script
    (Valued at $20)

    Included with this bonus you will find:
    • A professionally designed Photoshop Action Script that will automatically convert a flat image into a stunning 3D ebook image, as in the example above.  It only takes 3 steps to convert any flat into a beautiful product image.
    • A BONUS screen capture video showing you exactly how you can install the photoshop action (drag and drop) and how to create your own customized ebook cover easily.

    And to help you to upload and profit with your PLR package...


    FREE Video Tutorial on how to quickly customize, upload and setup your PLR product
    (Valued at $20)

    This is a 18 minute screen capture video tutorial where I show exactly how to upload the PLR product to your own website to sell it for 100% profits.

    This Tutorial video reveals:

    • Where to find all your PLR files and documents.
    • How to quickly edit the sales page and other nessasary files with a FREE html editor
    • How to Setup your payment processor (paypal) and "Buy Now" button to receive instant payments.
    • How to upload all the files via an FTP program.
    • How to link all the HTML files so that you are ready to start promoting your page.
    • And more...

    Total Value: $1850

    This means that you can easily pay this much or more if you want outsource or develop a complete sales funnel like this yourself.

    You can see that, like always, I went all out creating a SUPER VALUABLE complete product that you can profit from easily and quickly. 

    After you purchased this with PLR, you have the full rights to claim this as your very own unique product that you can do almost anything with to PROFIT HUGE.

You can see that I went all out to make this product super easy to profit from.

100% Positive Feedback!!

Order confidently and RISK FREE!

"Expert SEO & Backlinking" PLR with FREE BONUSES:

If you order "Expert SEO & Backlinking" PLR today, you get:

  • "Expert SEO & Backlinking" Ebook Course with PLR, including over 54 pages and over 6,000 words of FRESH never before seen info on SEO and backlinking methods.
  • "Super Simple SEO" special report of 28 pages  and 3,100 + words of never before seen content on how to use SEO to boost your profits.  [UNRESTRICTED PLR]
  • "Checklist" Easy to print out checklist with PLR
  • "SEO Article Pack" 10 long articles about SEO - FULL PLR
  • Editable Source Documents for all the ebooks, reports and information.
  • Professionally designed Minisite with .PSD graphics.
  • Compelling Salesletter that is written so sell.
  • High converting Squeeze page to give away the short report to build your list.
  • High quality Graphics, Lots of different 3D product covers, order button, Testimonial and subscribe boxes, including flats and .PSD files.
  • FREE BONUS "3 Autoresponder Messages" with PLR.
  • FREE BONUS "Ecover Action Script" to create your own stunning ecover graphics.
  • FREE BONUS "How To Setup Your PLR Product" Video tutorial
  • Virtually UNRESTRICTED Private Label Rights with everything, so that you can change it anyway you like, plug this in and profit from it instantly!

Total REAL Value: $1850

It's time to stop reading and take action, my friend.

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Your friend in marketing,

Bertus Engelbrecht

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